What is Chromasonic?

Chromasonic is an immersive light and sound experience to inspire expanded states of awareness and connection. The project started in 2019 as a collaborative art studio and research lab formed by multimedia and installation artists Johannes Girardoni and Harriet Girardoni, with sound artists Orpheo McCord and Joel Shearer. Our work embraces both physical and virtual sensory technologies. Fusing science with art in light and sound, we create harmonic connections between natural and artificial cognition. The works blur boundaries of physical reality and our perception, resulting in an experience that suspends participants in time and space. Our StudioLab explores the potential of art as a catalyst to harmonize cognitive and somatic states.

What is Satellite One?

Located in Venice, CA, Satellite One is the first ticketed, local site in a planned network of locations that fuse art and science to create an environment for participants to regularly experience effortless states of radical presence, enhanced awareness, and connection. At this site, up to 6 participants can enter an ellipsoid sculpture, recline in cushioned seating, and experience a Chromasonic Immersion. The unique curvilinear space appears boundless and infinite from within and is illuminated with colored light generated by the sound you hear.

What is a Chromasonic Immersion?

A Chromasonic Immersion is the experience inside a Chromasonic installation, where participants are fully immersed in a fusion of light and vibrational sound, all generated through Chromasonic Refrequencing.

What is Chromasonic Refrequencing?

Chromasonic Refrequencing is our software-driven method to translate sound waves to light frequencies and light frequencies to sound waves in real-time.

I would like to visit, how can I do that?

Select an available date and time from our ticketing page, purchase tickets for yourself and/or your group, and arrive at the site 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time. A docent will greet you and invite you in for your experience. Only guests with reservations made online will be allowed into Satellite One.

What are the COVID-19 safety protocols in place?

The health and safety of our guests and community is our priority, and we closely monitor Los Angeles County and City of Los Angeles guidance and policies as they evolve to ensure a safe experience for all. For ventilation inside Satellite One, we continuously cycle and sanitize the air with specially installed UV-C filtration systems.

What is the difference between a Public Session and Private Session?

Both sessions are one hour and include a brief introduction, a half-hour Chromasonic Immersion in light and sound, and the remaining time for your personal post-experience reflection and integration. The sound and light program is the same for Public and Private Sessions. A maximum of 8 people will be in the space for any given experience. In a Public Session, you reserve tickets for the experience and will share the space with other members of the public. In a Private Session, you can reserve the entire Satellite for 1-8 participants.

How can I reserve a Private Session at Satellite One?

To reserve a Private Session, find a date and time where all 6 spots are available and select all 6 tickets for that time under the Private Session option. Though you are reserving all 6 spots, you can attend a Private Session with 1-6 participants.

Can I rent Satellite One for an event?

Yes, please reach out to for event inquiries.

What is the policy for canceling tickets after they’re booked?

All tickets are non-changeable and non-cancelable, except at Chromasonic’s discretion. Please contact us we’ll see if we can help.

How can I transfer my ticket to others?

All tickets may be freely transferred to others at any time by simply forwarding your email confirmation or your confirmation code to the recipient. There is no need to notify us of your transfer. The holder of the ticket will be admitted.

What should I expect from the experience?

A Chromasonic Immersion is a hybrid between an art and mindfulness experience. It is unique for every participant and often changes each time you experience it. Some report having powerful emotional experiences, including joy, awe, catharsis, nostalgia, grace, and transcendence. Participants generally find it restorative and relaxing, though the responses that we share on our website and Instagram demonstrate the vast range of unique experiences that the immersion elicits. After everyone is settled inside the sculpture, the session will begin. The Immersion will move through several compositions in which you will see, hear, and feel colors and vibrations. It is visceral and sensory. If at any moment you feel overwhelmed, we recommend simply looking at your hands or closing your eyes.

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